by Krista Varady, Ph.D. and Bill Gottlieb, CHC

This is a revolutionary, science-proven, easy-to-follow diet, based on Dr. Varady’s groundbreaking research at the University of Illinois into alternate-day modified fasting. You’ll lose weight and improve your health—while eating anything you want and all you want, every other day.

Diets present you with a complex and daunting set of rules to be obeyed—or else. They tell you what you can eat and can’t eat. They tell you how much you can and can’t eat. They often tell you when you can and can’t eat. There are nutritional superstars and nutritional pariahs.

But in the Every-Other-Day Diet, you’ll find only one rule: eat no more than 500 calories on Diet Day, eat anything you want and as much as you want on Feast Day, and alternate those two days. That’s it! No counting calories, carbs, fat or protein. No avoiding any particular food; all foods are allowed. There are no complex meal preparations and plans.

In the Every-Other-Day Diet, you’ll unlock the secret to rapid and sustained weight loss and never endure every dieter’s nightmare: daily deprivation. Alternating between “Feast” days in which you eat whatever you want, and “Diet” day in which you eat 500 calories, you’ll lose: pounds, belly fat—and improve your health. Without giving up the foods you love.
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