Welcome to the Every-Other-Day Diet
. Cut back today—cut loose tomorrow!

Chapter 1

The New Science of Every-Other-Day Dieting

Study after study shows the Every-Other-Day Diet really works.

Chapter 2

Diet Day

500 calories is easy—when it’s every-other-day.

Chapter 3

Feast Day

Eat all you want and anything you want—and keep losing weight!

Chapter 4

Every-Other-Day Dieting, Quick and Easy

These lunch and dinner recipes are only 400 calories—but they taste like a million!

Chapter 5

Every-Other-Day Dieting, Without Lifting A Finger

Make your life simple: try pre-prepared 400-calorie cuisine on Diet Day.

Chapter 6

Every-Other-Day Dieting and Exercise

A powerful combo—for faster weight loss, a leaner body and a stronger heart.

Chapter 7

The Every-Other-Day Success Program—the Science-Proven Way to Keep the Weight Off

Four out of five dieters gain back their weight. You won’t be one of them.